Firstly just to let you know that although we are starting to work from home, we are still open as usual and are readily available to provide any remote support needed.

As nerds we appreciate it is easier for us to quickly and smoothly transition into working from home than it may be for others. So we are ready to help and perhaps make your transition smoother too. We can help with setting up a VPN, setting up your 365 or gsuite to work at home and get you up and running with your business calls. We have set up a page on our website to give you updates on the virus, and how it is affecting technology and people who are working from home.

We are also aware that some of our customers might need our support and help in other ways. Please call us if something at home isn’t working as it should; whether that is issues with Skype when calling your family, or if you need a hand with your online shopping.

If you’re self isolating in the Brighton area, please bear us in mind if you need anything brought to your home – we’d be delighted to help in these uncertain times.


To download our remote software, please go to and then call us on 01273 906969 or email us with a brief description of what you’d like us to do and we will help anyway we can!