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Basic Rates

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Rate TypeLocationCost (inc. VAT)Minimum Time Per EventRounding Up Per Invoice
BookkeepingOffsite£256 minutes30 minutes
BookkeepingOnsite£352 hours30 minutes
StandardOffsite£5530 minutes30 minutes
StandardOnsite£651 hour30 minutes
Monthly Pre PaidOffsite£456 minutesN/A
Monthly Top-upOffsite£506 minutes30 minutes
Monthly Top-upOnsite£601 hour30 minutes

Discounts and Surcharges

Out of Hours

Outside our core hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), we can’t guarantee any availability but will try to deal with urgent queries.

  • All labour will include a 50% surcharge out of hours requests
  • Minimum billable event time for labour will increase to 1 hour
Prepay & Monthly Billing Customers

By committing to at least one prepaid hour per month, you can save money on all subsequent labour.
Prepaid hours are the cheapest way to pay for offsite labour, however the following guidelines apply

  • There is a minimum 3 month commitment on prepaid hours, before the number of prepaid hours can be reduced.
  • Prepaid hours do not roll over.
  • Late payment surcharge: A surcharge of 10% will be added to the total of each invoice created, while the customer has an overdue balance for which arranged payments are not being made.
  • Direct Debit discount: Customers who pay by Direct Debit will receive a 5% discount on labour, with the exception of prepaid hours.

The following concessions will receive a 10% discount on labour, on proof of current applicable status.

  • Student
  • Pension recipient
  • Universal Credit recipient
  • Public Sector Employee
  • Registered Charity
Delivery, Collection and Travel
  • Local onsite labour will not incur additional fees.
  • Local collection and delivery is available for £5 each way.
  • Outside Brighton & Hove, mileage is chargeable at 60p inc. VAT per mile, plus Onsite labour rates for the duration of the journey.
New Customer Referrals
  • Introduce a new customer to us, and you’ll each receive a Credit Note on your account for £10 including VAT.