What server do we use?

We use a powerful CentOs 7 server running the popular cPanel hosting software.


We take backups of our hosted websites to our office every night.

We monitor each website individually once a day, but as an option we can monitor it every five minutes. This means any major code errors on the website caused by automatic updates or by manual code changes will be picked up very fast.


We have an uptime rate of 99.999%.

You can check the status of our services on our status website: https://www.njpcstatus.co.uk/.
The history of the status data can be found here:  https://stats.notjustpcs.co.uk/

These two services are partially powered by our monitoring service, which will sound an alarm on all of our devices in the event of a serious problem on the server. We will then deal with that right away.

Managed Hosting

We offer managed hosting. Which means your client can just raise a ticket with us, and we’ll help them out with anything that needs doing if they’d like. So we can sort out any issues that they have promptly. Although the server is managed by us completely, we can grant a far higher level of access to your client than most providers can, if desired.


We think our prices are very competetive, please contact us to discuss your needs and see if you agree.